Using ArcGIS desktop on a Mac ... without Boot Camp

Here at The Datastack I power the business with Apple hardware.  And I also deploy ArcGIS on projects.

Wait.  What?

That pairing can seem a little bit odd, what with the ArcGIS desktop product suite being built for Microsoft Windows.  However this apparent mismatch is not actually a barrier to using ArcGIS desktop on a Mac. Read on to find out how using an app called Parallels.

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Scott McIntyre
The 2018 Auckland RAMM User Group

Last month the 2018 RAMM User Group was held at Eden Park in Auckland.   This was a one day event put on by the good folks at RAMM Software Limited (RSL), to provide insights into where the product is heading and whats new with the software.

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Scott McIntyre
Productivity Systems

Having a handle on what you need to get done, and by when, is obviously pretty important.  

This post discusses the importance of having a productivity management system, gives a quick overview of an app I use in my own productivity system (a precursor post to an upcoming deep dive on some of the cool features).  Oh and there is a giveaway for one lucky reader as well....first in first served so be quick!

Hit the link below to check it out.

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Aesthetic improvements for OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft, where you can upload all sorts of files such as documents, pictures and videos and then access these from different devices.

The local OneDrive app on MacOS works well to show your 'space in the cloud' natively within a Finder window, appearing as just another folder or drive on your machine.  However there are a couple of minor 'aesthetic issues' that can detract a little bit from the experience;

Hit the link below to find out what these issues are and the simple steps to resolve them and power-up your user experience.

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