If Friday Then Read; for 1st December 2017

If Friday Then Read is a collection of interesting links and articles from around the web.  So settle in with a hot beverage and delve into the list below.

Posted by NZTA over on their YouTube channel, this fantastic time lapse video shows the construction of the Memorial Avenue Gateway bridge.  The construction work covers the approximately two-year period from October 2015 to November 2017.  Check the video out below.

Tesla recently unveiled the Tesla Semi - "the safest most comfortable truck ever".  The design aesthetic is fantastic, and somewhat 'futuristic', and will run you $150k-$200k USD to purchase based on the pricing released on the Tesla website.


image source: tesla.com

Check out the technical specs and more information over at Tesla.com/semi.  Oh and if you are in the market for a new truck you can place a reservation for one there while you are at it.

The E3 way is an interesting concept recently released by BMW for elevated cycle paths in cities, to improve the safety of cycling, and reduce congestion and emissions.  E3 is the abbreviation of elevated, electric and efficient - so traditional pedal bikes apparently would be excluded from using the infrastructure.


image: BMW

The concept has some great usability features including a roof over most of the network, temperature control and systems to handle merging.  For a detailed breakdown, check out the WIRED article.

Thats it for this weeks If Friday Then Read.  Check back soon for another edition.