Productivity Systems

Having a handle on what you need to get done, and by when, is obviously pretty important.  Having this knowledge is the basic first step to managing your workflow and knowing where to next focus your efforts and energy.  And in the current times we are living in it can be challenging, as you can be bombarded by content, tasks and requests, all coming at you 24/7 through a multitude of different channels.

So really kind of need to have a system in place to help manage what you need to get done.  And it doesn't have to be digital... if you love paper then a paper based system can be perfect.  Be it a good old bunch of post-it notes, a sheet of paper, or something a little more structured (I recommend checking out the Bullet Journal!).  As long as it is an effective and reliable system for you to record, track and help manage what you need to get done - then the platform or format is not so important.  And that might just mean a solution combining physical and digital elements.

Productivity systems are personal though, and one size doesn't fit all.  If you are looking around for solutions then it may take a few goes to find something that will work for you.  When evaluating different options just a word of advice; make sure your chosen approach is not so complex that the act of managing the system on a regular basis becomes a huge time sink in its own right, and ultimately makes the system a productivity killer!

In my productivity system I do have digital components, with one app being Todoist.  At the risk of sounding like a bit of an infomercial, Todoist gives you many of the features you need to tame your task list;

  • managing tasks and sub tasks which can be associated with projects
  • projects can have sub-projects
  • setting due dates and recurring tasks
  • assignment of tasks to others (if using in a team situation)
  • adding comments and multimedia to tasks 
  • adding labels to tasks 
  • using filters to get specific views of your task lists
  • productivity visualisations
 Screenshot of Todoist 

One of the reasons that drew me into the Todoist eco-system, was the availability of the software across a range of different platforms.  You can access your tasks through apps and plugins on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and the web to name a few.  This is pretty powerful, because you can basically get access to your task lists (and add or cross items of it!) from virtually anywhere.

I do have a future blog post in development which is a bit more of a deep dive into Todoist, looking at some of the natural language scheduling of tasks and use of custom filters.  

In the meantime, one lucky reader can get 3 months of Todoist Premium for free, by redeeming this code; ZT3JMAKWRRSDX7EV.  Just go to, follow the prompts and enjoy!  

The code above is first in first served, but if you do miss out you can get a standard Todoist account for free ... so check it out at if thats of interest.  Then keep an eye here for that upcoming Todoist post to elevate your Todoist game!