If Friday Then Read; for 8th December 2017

This week features a double-header of Elon Musk stories and internet connected cows.  Check these stories out below.....

The Boring Company has released a route map

The Boring Company was founded by Elon Musk to 'solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic'.  Their MO is to build a network of tunnels with their Loop technology to enable high-speed transit beneath the traditional roading network.  

The company has recently release a map (pictured below and sourced from the company's website) of a number of different routes across Los Angeles, with the red line representing the first proof of concept phase, and blue lines as conceptual secondary phases.


Check out the very intriguing (and downright awesome!) concept video of the project below, and go to theboringcompany.com for more information;


Tesla battery launched in Adelaide

Earlier in the year, Elon Musk made a promise on Twitter to deliver a Tesla Powerpack system to South Australia within 100 days.  The 100 MW / 129 MWh battery farm is now online and cost an estimated $50M USD to deliver.  Read more in this NZ Herald article.


Internet Connected Cows

Leveraging Internet-Of-Things (IOT) technology, Huawei is trialling internet connected cows in New Zealand to enable monitoring and analysis of different performance metrics related to cattle.  As per this NZ Herald article, this concept has been used in Europe with positive results.