My name is Scott McIntyre and I am the founder of The Datastack - an independent asset management consultancy and digital solutions studio.  

I will be your go-to asset management advisor and RAMM specialist as we work together to transform your data, build outstanding solutions and create an environment for informed and effective decision making to power your business.

Since 2005 I have been working with clients to deliver excellent asset management solutions and providing best-in-class RAMM services.  Integrating this experience with my data and systems expertise, you will get the added value and outcomes you need in tailored and fit-for-purpose solutions.

The focus here at The Datastack is to build an authentic and valued relationship with you, to really push your business forward in a meaningful way.  This means you will get amazing service that both delivers and delights. 

I am a Certified Technologist, a member of IT Professionals New Zealand, and have a passion for all things design, data, information systems and technology.

Let's build something beautiful and change the game.