Asset Management

Asset management solutions with a data-driven focus, to enable evidence based and data justified decisions to be made.  Get clear insights into the assets owned and managed by the organisation, understand potential gaps with this knowledge and develop an effective improvement plan where required, and complete the loop by connecting this intelligence through the assets lifecycle including renewals and maintenance programming decisions and on-going performance and condition monitoring.

The asset management services can be delivered as part of a cohesive and integrated solution combining elements such as data design and dataset management, asset register quality assessment and gap analysis, data improvement plans, management of the condition assessment process, data analytics to derive more value and insights from your investment in data, workflow design and documentation, renewals and maintenance programme management, activity prioritisation, data inputs to Asset Management Plans, operations and systems performance monitoring and results.


RAMM Software

Get back the time you need to do more of what you want.  As your go-to RAMM specialist, The Datastack can deliver all your RAMM needs with a dependable, innovative and fast and efficient service.  From being on-call to provide technical support, to managing the day-to-day operations and health of the database, to taking a more strategic view to align data management practises with business objectives.

A full set of RAMM services is available areas such as dataset management, data analysis, treatment length management, forward works programme management in NOMAD, ONRC KPI performance analysis,  treatment selection algorithm [TSA] and reporting, management of lookups, centreline curation, network changes with RAMM Network Manager, standard and custom reporting, asset valuation, dispatch creation & reporting, management and enhancement of your organisations RAMM SQL routines and more.


Bespoke RAMM Solutions

Building on top of the rich features and flexibility in the RAMM software, new functionality and connected workflows can be created through customised solutions built and integrated directly within RAMM.  This means these bespoke solutions can deliver powerful new functionality without the headache and costs of procuring new systems or getting users to learn new software.

The Datastack will work with you to understand your specific requirements and build something beautiful for your needs. Get the extra value and benefit from your existing investment in the industry-leading RAMM platform, and supercharge your business.


Asset Valuations

The asset valuation process is a critical data-driven annual project for local authorities, to support financial reporting requirements, inform business decisions and to comply with statutory requirements such as the Local Government Act.  The Datastack's asset valuation service recognises this by delivering robust reporting outcomes, through a data-quality led, data-driven process leveraging the available intelligence in existing datasets, and integrating other available data sources where required.  

Whether using a software solution such as the RAMM asset valuation module, or other mechanisms such as custom databases or spreadsheets, the valuation process can be applied to these to deliver the reporting outcomes you need at the right time.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a project, please do get in contact for a chat.